RocksInMyHead™ is the World's Greatest Rock, Prospecting, and Outdoor Education Company.  

We have everything from gold nuggets and prospecting equipment to core samples and bullion, everything from rocks and rockhounding stuff to beautiful jewelry made from some of those cool rocks.  We travel the country, and even the world, to bring you the most interesting, unique, and unusual rocks and fossils, the best specimens and minerals, and even some of the wierdest and coolest things you'll ever see.  Though we mine and collect the majority of our cool rocks and fossils, many of them come from local miners and prospectors who bring us the material they collect.  RocksInMyHead is proud to support local miners by providing multiple venues for them to sell their products.   We also seek out the most talented artisans, many of whom are also our customers,  to bring you the finest in cabochons and finished jewelry pieces.   RocksInMyHead is proud to support local artisans and craftspeople by providing them with opportunities to sell their work in our stores and through our online venues.   

We search for the best companies and manufacturers to bring you the highest quality in tools, equipment, and supplies for all your lapidary, rockhounding, and gold prospecting needs.  By offering consignment services to our clients for their lapidary ,jewelry making, and gold prospecting equipment we are also able to bring you high quality pre-loved equipment at great prices.  


RocksInMyHead is proud to offer top quality educational programs and resources to help you learn about rocks, gold prospecting, lapidary arts and more.   Visit Adventures With Rocks for classes, educational stuff, articles and such.  Want to be the world's greatest prospector, rockhound, or lapidaris?   Sign up for our Amazing Email Newsletter - packed full of discounts, resources, tips, product reviews, videos, tutorials, and  RocksInMyHead News On The Rocks - Sign Up Today!


    We want to be your favorite destination on the web- even if you don't like rocks.  Because we also like to paddle, hike, backpack, camp, cave, and climb.  We like to travel, live off the land, and enjoy wild places.  We let the sun tan our skin and power our life.  We let our hair down and let the wind blow through it.  We like to live in harmony with nature, treading softly, dancing to the rhythm of the universe.  We like to get dirty, be free, and have fun.  We bring you the best in outdoor, alternative energy, emergency preparedness, and self-reliance products, so you can too.  


    Check back frequently. Lots of new and exciting stuff is happening here at RocksInMyHead™. You don't want to miss anything.  We are always building, growing and changing.  We are always traveling to new places and bringing back cool stuff.  Sometimes, the website doesn't keep up with all the latest happenings here, so follow us on Facebook and Twitter, read about our adventures in our Blog "Adventures With Rocks™", and follow our photo journals on Flickr.  Sign up for our Awesome Email Newsletter "News On The Rocks" to get lots of great news, tips, specials and more!

    And call or email us if you don't see what you want on the website.  If we have it, we will get it to you.  If we don't, we can find it for you.  We know people.   We've been places.    Let us help.   We want to be the first place you come to for anything and everything, and especially rocks.  If we can't do it, we'll tell you.  But we will try.   So please let us.

    Our Mission is "Changing the Way the World Plays- One Rock At A Time."  

     Come be a part of our world.  Explore with us.  Fall in love with the earth again - take care of her, and let her take care of you.  Let her beauty and treasures fill your life with wealth, wonder, amazement, and awe.  

     And don't forget, LIFE IS SHORT.  GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY!